Why to bother yourself and polish your nails on your own, when there is somebody else who can do it for you? Our nail polish artists will not only professionally polish your nails, but will also give an advice on what colours to use. Also, if you are lucky, you will get additional advises on how to take care of your beauty.

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Procedures for hands and legs

Pedicure for men
30 €
Long-lasting nail polishing
15 €
Long-lasting nail polish removal
6 €
Manicure with long-lasting nail polishing
20 €
Pedicure with long-lasting nail polishing
30 €
SPA pedicure for men
35 €
Paraffin bath for hands 
9 €
SPA pedicure
30 €
SPA manicure
20 €
20 - 25 €
12 - 18 €