Joint pain is a problem, which prevents you from full enjoyment of your everyday activities whatever they are – having a nice walk, doing sports, working etc. Problem intensifies on cold and rainy days. If you want to get rid of the joint pain, at first you need to know what causes it. Most commonly, joint pain comes from here:

  • Joint inflammation
  • Tendon inflammation
  • Infection

How to get rid of the pain?

If your joint hurts and pain persists or you have regular waves of pain, you should seek for professional help. Our body knows best how to heal itself, but sometimes it is not capable to do that. In our clinic, we can help your body to reinforce its healing features and provide required materials, which it is in shortage of.

Our applied treatment methods:

  • Hyaluronic injections
  • Platelet rich plasma injections
  • Platelet rich plasma and hyaluronic injections

Come to our clinic and get professional consultation form orthopaedist. Doctor will evaluate conditions of your joints and will offer most suitable treatment method.

Don’t wait too long and get rid of joint pain now!