Suffering from the flu, common clods, seasonal allergies, or even a hangover? Due to the fast pace of life, the body becomes less resistant to these illnesses. Drip for strength recovery instantly improves health and helps to recover faster and easier from various diseases. 

The effect of intravenous therapy is felt immediately – a drip for rejuvenation filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and medications that help to recover and regain strength faster. Intravenous infusion restores fluid balance and provides a long-term energy boost. 

Benefits of the procedure

  • facilitates the treatment of diseases;
  • inhibits pain, inflammation, nausea;
  • helps the body to recover more easily and quickly;
  • provides the body with substances;
  • gives energy and inspires life;
  • restores fluid balance.

Course of procedures

The number of procedures may vary depending on the desired effect. The amount of therapy procedures is determined individually by the doctor. To ensure a long-term effect on good health, the course of procedures must be repeated. 

Duration of the procedure

30–45 mins


55 euros.