Face needs a very special treatment, because it has to take many external challenges. All year round, regardless of the weather, the face is always exposed. Therefore, it is not surprising that the facial skin becomes irritated, reddened and damaged. Stress, cosmetic products, which do not fit you and bad nutrition have a negative impact, too. If you feel that your face became more sensitive to irritants, try our soothing facial treatment, after which you will feel these positive changes:

  • The skin becomes less sensitive and irritable;
  • Moisture balance is restored;
  • Less reddened skin.

At first, we prepare your face for the procedure by cleaning makeup residues. After that, we will do cleansing facial, remove any remaining impurities and dead skin cells. After cleaning your face, we apply a soothing facial mask, which will activate the healing process of the skin, reduce skin irritation. Finally, we will apply your skin-type face cream and advise you how to continue to look after your skin.

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