"My work requires precision, so I always strive to do the job as accurately as possible. I want the result to delight both me and the client. I try to highlight, emphasize the unique beauty of a person. Of all the micropigmentation services, I like to brighten the lips for women – it rejuvenates older women, and you can apply a wider variety of colors, for example, eyebrows.

Contact with customers is also important. I always try to make contact with the person who came to me – it helps him to relax and feel more pleasant. The cozy atmosphere and quality work delight many, and it is important to me that the client goes home in a good mood.” 










  • 2006–2009 – Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Medical Cosmetology.


  • In 2019, "Its all about colors", lecturer Michaela Dahlgren;
  • In 2019, PRO portfolio development in micropigmentation, photographer Vilmantas Žilinskas;
  • In 2019, Treatment and masking of scars and stretch marks, lecturer Monika Poškutė;
  • In 2019, Permanent make-up correction with pigments, lecturer Monika Poškutė;
  • In 2019, "Swiss Color X removal", lecturer Ilias Sardelis;
  • In 2019, "Lift mezo concept", lecturer Luiza Macfarlaine;
  • In 2019, "Paradise Shine Lips", Lecturer Dolores Srok;
  • In 2019, "Crystal Dust Eyeliner", Lecturer Dolores Srok;
  • In 2018, "Juliette Armand" Skin Care Training, Mesoderma;
  • In 2018, "Sesderma" skin care seminar;
  • In 2018, Makeup master class, "Pro estetic";
  • In 2018, Needle mesotherapy and biorevitalization, "Mesoderma";
  • In 2018, "Swiss Color" three-day conference in Austria;
  • In 2017, "Anna Lotan", "Guinot" seminars;
  • In 2017, Permanent make-up removal training, "Mesoderma";
  • In 2017, Needleless mesotherapy, "Mesoderma";
  • In 2017, Swiss Color Coach Training, "Mesoderma";
  • In 2016, Microblaiding training, "Grožis ir tu";
  • In 2016, Eyelash extension training classic and volume, "Baltic beauty school";
  • In 2016, Depilation sugar paste, "Cinderella";
  • In 2016, Eyebrow shaping training, "Cinderella";
  • In 2016, "Sothys" Innovation Workshop;
  • In 2016, "Make up to go" makeup school;
  • In 2016, Basic permanent make-up training: eyebrows, eyes, lips, "Mesoderma".