Stretch marks are a form of a scar and are formed by the rupture of dermal fibers. This is a common consequence of changes in the body, usually during pregnancy, sudden weight gain, or sudden adolescent growth. Stretch marks are most common in the thighs and abdomen. It is a skin condition that reduces the aesthetic appeal of the body and can be successfully got rid of with laser procedures.

Benefits of laser stretch mark removal

The CO2 laser is making thousands of micro-wounds, which will tighten the tissue when healing. This smooths the scar area and creates conditions for skin regeneration. Benefits of this procedure include: 

  • Area becomes smooth and tight
  • Skin regeneration activates
  • Procedure is painless
  • Procedure is fast and effective;
  • This is probably the only effective procedure for treating old stretch marks. 

Fractional laser stretch marks removal Using "Alma CO2" 

  • Setting the right parameters;
  • Skin analgesia with an anesthetic cream;
  • Formation of microtubules in the skin by precise laser pulses;
  • Skin cooling.

How Alma CO2 Fractionation Laser Stretch Removal Works? 

  • Laser pulses form thousands of microwaves of the required depth and diameter in both the epidermis and the dermis.
  • The surrounding tissues remain intact. They promote healing and the production of collagen, thus helping the skin to fill the formed micro-wounds with new strong tissue.
  • During treatment, the skin fills the grooves formed during skin rupture.

Duration of the procedure

30–60 minutes.


The price of laser stretch mark treatment starts at 125 Eur. The price is adjusted during the consultation. 

Initial consultation of a plastic surgeon – 60 Eur. During a consultation, the doctor individually selects the most appropriate method of treatment.


Strech Mark Treatment