During the SPA ritual, you will enjoy four treatments.

First, you will try an infrared sauna for 30 minutes. If you do not like a sauna, do not worry, it is not a simple sauna that bothers you with its heat. An infrared sauna at relatively low temperatures (40–50 °C) promotes the body to sweat and remove accumulated toxins and other harmful substances. 

Next, is body peeling for 30 minutes.

The body wrap with a slimming seaweed mask is designed to eliminate fat and cellulite. Wrapping creates a heating effect and promotes fat breakdown processes and the removal of toxins. (30 min.)

Finally – a body massage using citrus oils for 30 minutes. This procedure enriches the skin with the necessary substances. After it, the skin will become radiant with smell pleasantly. 

The total SPA ritual duration is 120 minutes.

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