Mini VIP SPA rituals are a dose of magical rest for the feet, back, arms, or legs. Various "Morjana" cosmetics moisturize, nourish the skin, slow down the aging process, and massage relaxes, improves body functions, eliminates fatigue. Your skin and body need care, and VIP SPA rituals treat both skin and body. Take care of them by treating yourself with a mini VIP SPA ritual.

"Morjana" – exotic from Morocco

SPA rituals are performed using the French beauty product "Morjana", which is produced using the beauty secrets accumulated over the centuriesfrom Morocco. "Morjana" based its products on the ritual philosophy of the hammam: a Turkish bath that is common in other Middle Eastern countries. According to the hammam, it is essential to physically and spiritually cleanse before each big moment of a person's life (wedding, childbirth, etc.). The whole process must be as relaxing and soothing as possible in order to achieve peace of mind and body.

Spa rituals for the body:

  • "Escape to Ouzud's Waterfall": the ritual stimulates lymph flow, revitalizes and eliminates leg fatigue.
  • "Bahia Back Ritual": the ritual relaxes the back as well as nourishes its skin.
  • “Oriental Softness For Hands”: the ritual moisturizes, nourishes the skin of the hands, reduces the signs of aging.
  • "Oriental Softness For Feet": nourishes and moisturizes the skin of feet and removes the wrinkled layer of skin.


1. Skin washing. The whole body is cleaned and prepared for further procedures.
2. Skin scrubbing. Exfoliating dead skin cells.
3. Body wrapping. The skin of the body is covered with a mask and wrapped in a film.
4. Body massage. It helps to absorb the active ingredients of the product, relaxes, and soothes.
5. Application of skincare products. "Morjana" cream, elixir, gel, or other products can be applied to maximize skin hydration and nourishment.

Duration of the procedure

About 1 hour.