As the years go by, our skin loses its qualities. Skin becomes lose in face, palms, belly, arms and other areas. Daily maintenance of the skin becomes problematic. Problem tends to grow if not being solved. That is why you need to provide additional attention into care of it in order to keep it healthy, youthful and shiny.

Our solution – skin lifting with laser

Benefits of the procedure:

  • Problem is being solved from its roots. Not only symptoms, but also problem itself disappears.
  • Skin becomes smooth and tight.
  • Procedure is painless. You get the result like after plastic surgery, only no scalpels nor needles are needed.
  • Procedure is simple and does not require any special preparation or post treatment down time.
  • Procedure is quick so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule.

On first appointment we will evaluate your situation, apply individual treatment program and will start it. During the procedure, laser beam is pointed to the required areas. It helps to active production of elastin and collagen. Result will be seen right after the procedure, but the best result is achieved after few procedures. After the treatment, we will advise you how to take care of yourself further.

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Skin rejuvenation with fractional laser