Now there is a simple and effective way to stop hair-loss.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. In this way of treatment, main material being used is concentrate made of blood plasma and platelets. Platelets help to restore body tissues, strengthen and heal them. In addition to this, procedure can be enhanced with special mixture of vitamins and other active materials, which increase microcirculation and metabolism.

Benefits of the procedure:

  • Quick procedure. It is not long procedure. It takes up to one hour.
  • Long-term result. Procedure tackles the means of the problem, not just symptoms.
  • No allergic reaction. We use your own blood, so rejection possibility is minimal.
  • Painless procedure. This special treatment method is totally painless!

How is it performed?

At first, we will consult you regarding the procedure and will apply treatment plan for you. Procedure itself goes like this: 1. We get small amount of blood from you. 2. Blood is being prepared with special centrifuge equipment – platelet and plasma are separated from red blood cells. 3. We inject the concentrate to the required area and the healing begins. After that, you just wait for the results and track the progress with our instructions.

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