We are used to provide more attention to our hands than to our feet. Manicure is more common procedure than pedicure. That is why from time to time, you should dedicate very special attention to your feet. And SPA pedicure is just that!

During SPA pedicure, you will enjoy these pleasant procedures: feet soaking; rough skin scrubbing; feet peeling; classic pedicure and feet massage with nourishing cream.

Come to us and enjoy relaxing and pleasant SPA pedicure!


Procedures for hands and legs

Pedicure for men
30 €
Long-lasting nail polishing
15 €
Long-lasting nail polish removal
6 €
Manicure with long-lasting nail polishing
27 €
Pedicure with long-lasting nail polishing
38 €
SPA pedicure for men
35 €
Paraffin bath for hands 
10 €
SPA pedicure
30 €
SPA manicure
20 €
30 €
12–15 €