Manicure with long-lasting nail polish helps you to have prefect nails without any efforts every day. Our experienced nail artists will advise you what form and what colour is best for you. You get it and then do not bother yourself with maintenance of nails for next three weeks.

Contact us and embellish yourself with long-lasting nail polish!


Hand and Foot Care

Pedicure for Men
30 €
Long-Lasting Nail Painging
15 €
Long-Lasting Nail Polish Removal
6 €
Manicure with Long-Lasting Nail Painting
27 €
Pedicure with Long-Lasting Nail Painting
38 €
Paraffin Bath for Hands 
10 €
SPA Pedicure
30 €
SPA Manicure
20 €
Pedicure without Painting / with Painting
30 €
Manicure without Painting / with Painting
12–15 €