Classic manicure – a procedure, which not a single woman can imagine her life without. During manicure your nails are given the desired shape, removing the skin around the nails. After these procedures, the nails are coated with the selected color nail varnish. At the end, hands pamper with cream, nail cuticles intended oil.

French manicure is more not a manicure, but varnishing peculiarity. The manicure essence is that the tip of the nail is painted white, thus making it simulates the natural nail structure. Perfoming French manicure, first of all the nail is covered with a special transparent basis, after a tip is varnished white lacquer. After coatinf the tip of the nail is varnished, nail is varnished colorless or semi-transparent pink, peach nail varnish.

Manicure with long nail varnish will help you forget all the long nail varnish and maintenance concerns. Nice and neat nails, are important for every woman, but women constantly rushing does not always have time to take care of her nails. For this reason, we suggest that you check the Ąžuolynas Kaunas SPA where our experienced specialists will do you a good quality with long anicure nail polish that lasts up to 3 weeks.



Procedures for hands and legs

Pedicure for men
30 €
Long-lasting nail polishing
15 €
Long-lasting nail polish removal
6 €
Manicure with long-lasting nail polishing
20 €
Pedicure with long-lasting nail polishing
30 €
SPA pedicure for men
35 €
Gel nail extensions
30 €
Paraffin bath for hands 
9 €
SPA pedicure
30 €
SPA manicure
20 €
20 - 25 €
12 - 18 €