Gel nails extension is an extension of your natural nails. Because sometimes it is so hard to grow nails as long as you would like them to be. It seems that they will soon be as you wish and then one of them just brakes.

In order to avoid this unfortunate event, we are offering you to extend them with our help. Nail extensions look naturally and they require less daily maintenance. In addition, such nails are more resistant to external effects – polish does not crumble, nails do not suffer from changes of temperature and humidity. If your nails tend to crack and brake or you do not like the shape of them – gel nails extension is a perfect solution for you!

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Procedures for hands and legs

Pedicure for men
30 €
Long-lasting nail polishing
15 €
Long-lasting nail polish removal
6 €
Manicure with long-lasting nail polishing
20 €
Pedicure with long-lasting nail polishing
30 €
SPA pedicure for men
35 €
Gel nail extensions
30 €
Paraffin bath for hands 
9 €
SPA pedicure
30 €
SPA manicure
20 €
20 - 25 €
12 - 18 €