Plastic surgery is an effective and long-lasting way to remove those appearance features that a person perceives as flaws. In this way, the body is newly modeled and improved, which is why plastic surgeons are often called sculptors, who, using their skills and knowledge, seem to create a new work of art – only according to the patient's vision. Quite closely related is reconstructive surgery, which helps to restore both lost body functions and the former appearance due to burns, injuries, diseases. 

Who performs plastic surgeries?

Inga Guogienė, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, performs plastic surgeries or other procedures. The doctor has repeatedly gained knowledge in foreign and Lithuanian internships, which they apply very successfully in practice and make every patient happy with excellent results.
During the consultations, attention is paid to the patient's wishes and expectations. The plastic surgeon offers the best solution based on each person’s physical characteristics, health, and expectations. The plastic surgeon tells you in detail about the course of the plastic surgery and how to prepare for it, indicates how to take care of yourself after the surgery, what the results might be, and provides other important information that answers your questions. 

What plastic surgeries are performed at Ąžuolynas Clinic?

Face procedures:

  • Eyelid plastic surgery;
  • Forehead and eyebrow lift;
  • Ear correction;

 Breast surgery:

  • Breast augmentation;
  • Breast lifting;
  • Breast reduction;

Body contour surgery:

  • Tights skin lifting;
  • Upper arms skin lifting;
  • Buttock augmentation;
  • Fat removal / transplantation;
  • Plastic surgery of the labia.

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