"Medicine is the art of healing, helping a sick person, restoring physiological and anatomical disorders. The work of a doctor requires a lot of mental and physical strength, to communicate with people seeking help, to operate on aggressive oncological diseases.

The aim of my work is to help the person seeking help as quickly as possible with my knowledge, diligent work, and experience. People are something similar, something different, but at the same time both beautiful and interesting. The names of most diseases are the same, and the course of treatment is different, but the goal is the same - to help a person recover, return to life, restore the quality of life. We live in a world full of different rules, and we often fail to see that there are no consequences without a reason. Only by searching, understanding, and following the given natural rules can we avoid unwanted consequences.

The greatest value is life. You don't always need a pill or surgery, sometimes you need to change your values."




  • 1996–2002 Master of Medicine, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Academy of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine.
  • 2002–2003 Internship studies, Public Institution Prienai Hospital.
  • 2003–2008 Residency studies in urology, Kaunas University of Medicine Clinic.

Professional and work experience

  • 1999–2002 Kaunas 3rd Hospital, Resuscitation Division
  • 2004–2008 Manager of UAB "Diagnostika"
  • 2002–2008 Kaunas University of Medicine Clinic, Department of Urology, doctor – resident
  • Since 2008 – Kaunas Clinical Hospital, urologist (operates, consults)
  • Since 2008 – Kaunas City Polyclinic, Kėdainiai Hospital, Kėdainiai Family Health Center, Ukmergė Hospital, Affidea Clinic (consults)
  • Since 2019 – "Gijos klinika" doctor urologist.


In 2005 – Internship "Laparoscopy in Urology", Warsaw, Poland;
In 2007 – Internship in the Czech Republic "5th European Urology Residens Education Program (EUREP)" Prague;
In 2007 – Congress of the European Association of Urologists, Berlin, Germany;
In 2007 – Congress of the European Association of Urologists, Tempere; Finland;
In 2008 – Congress of the European Association of Urologists, Vilnius, Lithuania;
In 2009 – 30th Congress of the International Society of Urology, Shanhai, China;
In 2009 – IUGA Annual Meeting, Como, Italy;
In 2009 – 6th Baltic Utologicas Congress; Druskininkai, Lithuania;
In 2010 – Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association, San Francisco, California;
In 2010 – courses "Urgentinė kompiuterinė tomografija ir ultragarsas" LSMU Clinic of Radiology, Kaunas;
In 2010 – European Association of Urology; Barcelona, ​​Spain;
In 2012 – Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association, Atlanta, GA;
In 2012 – 30th World Congress of Endourology and SWL, Instambul, Turkey;
In 2013 – Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association, San Diego, CA;
In 2014 – 22nd Panhellenic Urological Congress; Greece;
In 2014 – Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association, Orlando, FL;
In 2014 – 39th ESMO Congress, Madrid, Spain;
In 2014 – "Topics of Prostate and Bladder Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment” Vilnius, Lithuania;
In 2015 – 2nd Global Congress on Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction, Rome, Italy;
In 2015 – European Association of Urology; Riga, Latvia;
In 2015 – "Early diagnosis and active monitoring of prostate cancer", LSMU MA Clinic of Urology, LUD;
In 2016 – European Association of Urology; Tallinn, Estonia;
In 2016 – "Sexual dysfunctions caused by urological diseases”, Kaunas, Lithuania;
In 2016 – "Modern approach to bladder cancer diagnosis and prostate cancer treatment", Vilnius;
In 2017 – "Aspects of treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and irritable bladder", Vilnius;
In 2017 – European Association of Urology; London; UK;
In 2019 – European Association of Urology; Barcelona.