Kinesiotherapy is the best way to treat diseases, eliminate chronic health problems and improve health. 

The purpose of kinesiotherapy procedures is to stimulate body-strengthening reactions, because the energy released during proper movement triggers a positive body reaction. 

Before prescribing kinesiotherapy procedures, it is necessary to assess the nature of the disease, the cause, the adaptive capacity of the organism, the physical development of the person, his age, peculiarities of the profession. 

It is very important that kinesiotherapy sessions are systematic. During the course, the number and load of kinesiotherapy sessions, the amplitude of movements, the number of repetitions of exercises, their complexity and intensity are gradually increased. 

Kinesiotherapy has great benefits for patients suffering from back, spine, joint pain. Kinesiotherapy can also be a complex part of obesity treatment, normalizing metabolism and improving the overall function of internal organs. Particularly significant benefits of kinesiotherapy are felt by those who suffer from cardiac and circulatory disorders, varicose veins, calcified blood vessels, or heart disease. Kinesiotherapy courses improve brain function, help to relax, increase serotonin levels and improve mood.