Cherry angiomas are frequently appearing skin formations, which can show up in almost all areas of the body. Angioma appears when blood vessel under the skin breaks. Blood underneath the skin escapes form the vessel and tiny red dot forms. Angiomas itself are not dangerous for health, they are more like aesthetic matter. In addition, angiomas start to bleed, if damaged, which is not pleasant, nor comfortable.

Causes of angiomas

It is not known exactly why angiomas appear. There are some relations to the age factor. After thirtieth birthday, angiomas start to appear more frequently. Also, angiomas can occur more frequently in case you are expecting. But in general, it seems that there might be genetic tendency. Some people just get angiomas more frequently than others do.

Whereas exact reasons why angiomas occur are not known, it is hard to do something to prevent them to do so. That is why we are offering you to try an effective way, which will help you to get rid of them quickly and easily

Solution – angiomas treatment with laser

In Ąžuolynas Medical Clinic and SPA, we remove angiomas with laser, specially dedicated for this matter. Benefits of laser procedure:

  • Effective procedure. Laser procedure completely removes angiomas and does not provide unwanted side effects.
  • Quick procedure. Procedure will take up to one hour; you can easily fit it into your schedule.
  • Simple procedure. It is much simpler procedure than an alternative way to remove angioma with surgical operation. It does not require special preparations and post treatment downtime.
  • Highly accurate procedure. Laser effects only unwanted skin growths; it does not affect tissues around angioma.

Result after procedure – complete removal of angioma

Laser procedure effectively gets rid of angiomas in all body areas. In addition to this, dermatologist will give you some advises how to take care of yourself in order to avoid other unpleasant skin problems in future.

Contact our staff in Ąžuolynas Medical Clinic and SPA, come to an appointment and we will take care of the rest!


Laser removal of skin formations

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