Papilloma is a viral skin disease, which shows up as unaesthetic and clearly visible skin sprouts. Without treatment, papilloma tend to grow and spread. Sooner papilloma is spotted and removed, lower the chances are for it to reappear. In our clinic, we can solve this issue quickly and without big stress.

Solution – papilloma removal with laser

Solution, which we offer is a papilloma removal with laser. We use ‘Alma CO2’ laser to remove them. Benefits of the treatment:

  • Effective and long-lasting result. After treatment with laser, chances of reappearance of papilloma are much lower than after alternative treatment.
  • Papilloma in all body areas can be removed. Treatment with laser is safe procedure. Laser beam is pointed precisely to the papilloma.
  • Quick treatment. Procedure is quick and does not require special preparations.

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Laser removal of skin formations

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