If you want to examine your birthmarks and to know if they are not malignant, come to us and we will do the examination for you. Observe your birthmarks and contact specialists, in case you notice such changes:

  • Increase of birthmark
  • Changes in colour
  • Appearance of red edge
  • Sprout on the birthmark
  • Itchiness and pain
  • Appearance of new birthmark in adult age

Examination with dermatoscope is done by magnifying image of your skin formations. It helps to see microstructures of your skin. Dermatologist examines these microstructures, makes diagnosis and gives recommendations. Image of your conditions is saved, so the progress of change can be tracked.

Benefits of dermatoscopic examination:

  • Painless and non-invasive procedure
  • Quick procedure
  • Procedure does not require special preparation

Contact us and let us help you to resolve your doubts about your birthmarks.


Laser removal of skin formations

Birthmark examination
50 €
starts at 35 €