‘Femilift’ laser gynaecology is a modern, quick, easy and painless way to take care of your intimate health.

What problems can be solved with ‘Femilift’?

With help of ‘Femilift’ treatment, we can solve these frequent issues:

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Decreased elasticity and tightness of vaginal tissues
  • Vaginal dryness

It may seem that these issues do not appear very often, but it is not true. Women are not keen to discuss this in public and even during the appointment with their doctor. Problems start to occur for 30 year-olds and even earlier, in case one just gave a birth to a child. One out of three women of 40-60 year-old has stress urinary incontinence.

How you can spot these problems?

It is not hard to detect first symptoms. In case you are suffering from stress urinary incontinence, you will spot these symptoms:

  • Bladder is unable to empty properly. You feel tension and when tension levels up, small amount of urine escapes.
  • Small amount of urine gets out when you cough, sneeze, lift something or even laugh.
  • It is sudden and frequent need to urinate. If you are making more trips to bathroom during night-time than before, most probably it is the sign of the issue.

Vaginal dryness and reduced elasticity will symptomize as reduced quality of sex life.

What are the consequences of these issues?

Without solving, problems do not disappear and just tend to grow. Eventually, problems will start to cause emotional and physical discomfort. If you do not take it on time, later you can solve it only with surgical operation.

‘Femilift’ is effective and simple way, which can get rid of these intimate problems. Benefits of the procedure:

  • Quick procedure. Procedure takes only 15-30 minutes of your time.
  • Painless procedure. Procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical.
  • Short healing period. You can get back into your usual routine right after the treatment.
  • Highly effective procedure. Most commonly, 1-2 procedures are enough to get of the problem completely.

How does the laser work?

Laser rays effect vaginal mucosa and deeper tissues and stimulates production of elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen are primary materials for elasticity and tightness. Recovered cells brings desired results – no more urinary incontinence; tissues become tight and elastic.

‘Femilft’ in aesthetic applications

Laser can also be used in aesthetic applications. Labium whitening helps to recover colour of tissues. Labium correction is procedure, which helps to recover the form of labium.

Women, let us take care of your intimate health! Contact us for an appointment. We are waiting for you!