If you want to get rid of unwanted hair for good, try laser hair removal. After full depilation course, hair will not appear for several years. Procedure is performed with photo laser. Laser beam destroys hair follicle and prevents hair from re-growing.

The process

In the first appointment, we will discuss about your situation and desired result. We will evaluate all contraindications, which could have a negative effect on result of a process. Normally 4-6 procedures are enough. The result can be seen after each procedure. After every procedure, less and less hair regrow. Eventually, none of them regrows. After procedure, we will advise you how to maintain the area, what cream to use.


‚Benefit‘ is more correct to say. That is because there is one benefit, which is solid like diamond, not worth mentioning others. You get your hair removed with laser and you forget about them for next several years. That’s it.

Contact us, in case you are tired to bother yourself with shaving, waxing and you want to deal with your hair for good this time!