Arthrosis is a chronic, discomfort-causing joint disease. This non-inflammatory disease of the joints is slowly progressing, during which the cartilage of the joint and the formation of new bone structures (osteophytes) take place. 

Causes of osteoarthritis can be age, heredity, trauma, joint and muscle strain, and so on. Arthrosis can damage any joint in the body, but usually affects the joints of the hands, hips, knees, shoulders, spine. 

The meaning of the injection 

The stabilized hyaluronic acid contained in the injection is extracted from microorganisms. Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide that is an essential structural element of the skin, subcutaneous, and connective tissue (joint fluid and cartilage). 

Hyaluronic acid is used to inject into a patient's joint damaged by arthrosis. The product is not injected into blood vessels and surrounding tissues. The injection increases the viscosity of the joint fluid by reducing the symptoms. 

Benefits of the procedure 

Injection of hyaluronic acid into the joint cavity can compensate for mechanical stress transmitted from the outside. The injection, which acts as a barrier, helps to protect the joint, the synovial tissue, and promotes the healing of the articular cartilage. 

Who is eligible for this procedure? 

The procedure is suitable for patients who experience the following symptoms:

  • Joint stiffness in the morning;
  • Pain when moving and at rest;
  • A crackling, squeaking, or rubbing sensation while walking.
  • Visible swelling around the joint;
  • Deformed joint, shortened limb.

Who is not eligible for this procedure?

The injection is not suitable for patients who have ever had an allergy to any other medicines and who have liver disease. 

How is the procedure performed?

Dosage and injection time depend on the patient's symptoms. 

When can you expect results?

The effect of therapy is felt immediately after the injection and lasts up to 6 months after the injection.

Duration of the procedure

From 15 to 30 minutes.


199 Euros.