Do you want to reduce body fat quickly? You can try surgical procedure to remove them. Do you want to make it easier than that? Then try out itrapolitherapy procedure. Procedure, which will help your body to dissolve unwanted body fat.

What is itrapolitherapy?

It is a non-surgical treatment method, which reduces body fat. We use special mixture called Aqualyx for the procedure. We inject mixture to the treatment area and it starts to dissolve body fat cells. It is an effective way to dissolve fat in waist, belly, tights, shins and other areas.

Course of the treatment

During first appointment, we will evaluate your condition and desired result of the treatment. Then we will apply individual treatment program. Normally, we appoint three procedures. You can see first positive changes one month after the first procedure. We blend mixture with anaesthetic lidocaine, so procedure inflicts none to very little pain.

Duration of the treatment

30–60 minutes.

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