Make up, skin impurities, dirt, sweat and oil clogs face skin pores. As a result, our skin stops to breathe. Skin is not able to absorb needed and remove harmful materials. This type of circulation disorder stops skin from regeneration. The upper layer of epidermis gets thicker, skin starts to look unhealthy and dull, blackheads become more visible in oily skin zones. We are offering you mechanical cleansing facial to help to solve these issues. You will see these immediate results after the procedure:

  • Skin will be more radiant and it's natural colour will return;
  • Skin will be visibly clearer;
  • Every day care will become simpler.

During the treatment, we will remove any make up left, dirt and impurities. To remove deep pimples, blackheads and comedones we will vaporize your skin. After manual cleaning, your skin type face-mask is applied. It will strengthen effect of the procedure. Finally, we will apply face cream and lightly massage it into your skin.

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