Want to make sure you are healthy? One way to do this is to visit a specialist for an ultrasound examination. Echoscopy (or ultrasound) is an examination of various organs by ultrasound to determine the condition of the tissues, to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Ultrasound is a painless and uncomplicated way to check for health. The echoscopy is performed using an advanced "Q40" ultrasound that generates ultrasound waves that are reflected from the tissues and returns to the ultrasound sensor, where electrical impulses create an image on the screen. This way, the doctor evaluates the image and gets detailed information about your health condition. 

Benefits of ultrasound examinations

Echoscopy is a fast, harmless, and noninvasive method for examining a person’s health. This test allows the evaluation of soft tissues, organs, blood vessels condition, notice abnormal tissue changes, diagnose diseases. Thus, ultrasound is a valuable and comprehensive diagnostic tool. 

An echoscopic examination can reveal cystic, cancerous, or other structures, often before a person feels the symptoms of the disease. As a result, ultrasound is an excellent prevention of cancer or other diseases. Doctors recommend doing an ultrasound examination, not only when the disease is suspected, but also prophylactically. For those over 40 years of age, it is recommended to perform this examination once a year. 

Ultrasound examination shows the absence of anatomical changes in the organs. Blood and/or urine tests should be done to assess organ function. 

Who is eligible for the procedure?

An echoscope can be performed on anyone who seeks to make an accurate diagnosis of the disease or simply to check prophylactically. There are no age or gender restrictions. 

Who is not eligible for the procedure? 

Echoscope examinations are available to everyone, but they are not usually used to examine the condition of the lungs, stomach, intestines, or bones. X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging is used to diagnose pathologies in these organs. 


1. Preparation for an abdominal ultrasound: for about 4–5 hours eating and fluid intake should be avoided. In the evening before the study, avoid products that promote bloating. The bladder should be full. 

2. Preparation for uropoietic (kidney, bladder) and genital ultrasound: the bladder must be complete before the examination. 

3. No preparation for an ultrasound of the thyroid, breast, blood vessels, lymph nodes is required. 

4. Consultation with a radiologist. 

5. A special gel is applied to the examination area to increase the permeability of the skin.

6. The doctor guides the ultrasound sensor to the examination area by observing and analyzing the visible image on the instrument screen. During the uterine ultrasound, the sensor is inserted into the vagina and the prostate into the anal opening. 

7. Discussion of results, doctor's recommendations. 


Echoscopic Examinations

Pilvo echoskopija prieš pilvo plastinę operaciją
90–120 €
Kraujagyslių dvigubas skenavimas (giliųjų ir paviršinių išsamus tyrimas prieš venų operaciją)
50 €
Shoulder (Elbow) Joint Ultrasound
40 €
Knee Ultrasound
40 €
Facial Ultrasound
50 €
Double Scan of Blood Vessels (Abdominal Aorta)
55 €
Double Scan of Cervical Blood Vessels
66 €
Leg / Arm Artery or Venous Duplex Sonoscopy (Ultrasound)
72 €
Duplex Sonoscopy (Ultrasound) of Arteries or Veins of One Leg / Arm
66 €
Ultrasound of Salivary Glands
20 €
Ultrasound of Soft Tissues, Lymph Nodes (Tumor, Hernia, etc.) in One Area
22 €
Ultrasound of the Thyroid with Regional Lymph Nodes
28 € 24 €
Ultrasound of the Breast with Regional Lymph Nodes
49 €
Urologinės sistemos echoskopija (inkstai, šlapimo pūslė, prostata (vyrams), liekamasis šlapimas)
45 €
Ultrasound of the Urological System in Women (Kidneys, Bladder)
45 €
Vaikų pilvo organų echoskopija (kepenų, kasos, tulžies, blužnies, inkstų, šlapimo pūslės)
45 €
Vieno pilvo organo echoskopija (kasos, kepenų, tulžies pūslės, blužnies, šlapimo pūslės, inkstų)
45 €
Pilvo organų ir inkstų echoskopija
50–70 €
Pilvo organų echoskopija (kepenų, kasos, tulžies pūslės, blužnies)
45 €
I. Pilnas echoskopinis tyrimas moterims (skydliaukės, krūtų, kepenų, kasos, tulžies pūslės, blužnies, inkstų, šlapimo pūslės)
90 €
II. Pilnas echoskopinis tyrimas vyrams (skydliaukės, kepenų, kasos, tulžies pūslės, blužnies, inkstų, šlapimo pūslės, prostatos)
90 €