Stress can cause physical and emotional fatigue in the body. Prolonged stress can lead to increased emotional instability, depression, and anxiety. An important stress management tool can become a drip for stress reduction, helping to absorb all the necessary nutrients that are so difficult for the modern body to get with food.

Clinical studies have shown that the drip method is very safe and reliable. Intravenous therapy has been shown to provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it lacks faster and more efficiently. It is tested that the substances used in the procedure are safe.

Benefits of the procedure

The drip contains essential vitamins that help control stress. Intravenous infusion maximally calms the body and improves mood, reduces irritability and other signs of stress.

Course of procedures

The number of procedures may vary depending on the desired effect. The amount of therapy procedures is determined individually by the doctor. To ensure a long-term effect on good health, the course of procedures must be repeated. 

Duration of the procedure

30–45 mins


55 euros.