The doctor will assess the condition of the skin formations, provide the necessary information, and individual recommendations. This prevents skin cancer from occurring as much as possible. The doctor will examine all skin formations with a dermatoscope, focusing on atypical moles. 

The procedure of dermatoscopic (moles) examination:

  • patient consultation;
  • dermatoscopic examination of all skin structures in the epidermis and dermis, paying special attention to atypical formations;
  • recording the current state of formations in computer photos to compare changes during subsequent consultations;
  • diagnosis and recommendations. 

Principle of dermatoscopic examination:

  • magnification of the patient's skin formations and evaluation of skin microstructures.

Advantages of mole examination with dermatoscope:

  • completely painless, non-invasive, quick procedure;
  • no special preparation is required;
  • there are no contraindications to the study. 

The patient should immediately consult a dermatologist if he notices such changes in the mole as an increase in the mole, discoloration, the appearance of a pink border, the appearance of moles on the mole, urination, itching, pain, the appearance of a new mole in an adult. 

A simple thing like a mole examination can prevent major health problems in the future. Dermatoscopy and examination of moles in Kaunas are performed at Ąžuolynas Medical Clinic. Register for a doctor's consultation.