Pigment spots is a frequent issue, but most commonly, it occurs on particular types of skin. If you are quick to get red when you are in the sun and suntan does not keep on you too long, most probably you will be in a risk zone for pigment spots. In general, pigment spots appearance is a defensive reaction of our body. Wounds, injuries, improper cosmetic procedures – all of them might lead to pigment spots appearance. Problem might occur also due to the changes in hormone balance. Problem is not dangerous, but it has negative effect for skin aesthetics.

Our solution – modern „HarmonyXL“ laser treatment

Benefits of the procedure:

  • Effectiveness – removes spots, which were not removed using other means
  • Not only spots are removed, but your our skin is also rejuvenated
  • Skin after procedure becomes tight, elastic, more smooth and less wrinkly
  • Colour of the skin becomes more solid


During the first appointment, we will evaluate your situation and will appoint required treatment and amount of procedures. Amount of procedures required depends on the scale of your problem, your physiology, body reaction during treatment. Most commonly, we recommend conducting 4-6 treatments. During procedure, laser beam is pointed to the area of the problem. Beam is warming the skin and pigment, which is being dissolved because of the process. After the procedures, body removes pigment particles from the system and skin becomes solid and smooth. It is recommended to do the procedure in autumn or winter when there is no active sun. After the procedure we will advise you how to take care of yourself in order to avoid these problems in future.

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