Pigment spots are formed by the activation of melanin production due to open sunlight, pregnancy, use of contraception, and so on. Hyperpigmentation can be treated with the unique "Nunii UNIQ-WHITE®" pigment stain treatment system, developed by the French Biomedical Research Laboratory and confirmed by clinical trials. Nunii's vision is to satisfy everyone's desires and needs to have healthy and beautiful skin. 

Benefits of the procedure

The "Nunii UNIQ-WHITE®" system treats melasma – bright, dark pigmented spots caused by various causes (pregnancy, use of contraception, exposure to the sun, etc.).
"Nunii" procedure evens out skin tone, whitens freckles, post-inflammatory skin pigmentations, reduces redness.
The procedure not only treats various pigmentation problems but also strengthens, tightens, and brightens the skin. 

Who is eligible for this procedure?

The procedure can be performed on men and women of all ages who are trying to overcome hyperpigmentation. 

Who is not eligible for this procedure? 

The procedure is not recommended for damaged and infected skin, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women. 


1. The skin should not be sunburned, so avoid sunlight and solariums for a few weeks.

2. Initially, the skin is prepared by exfoliating dead skin cells, which inhibit the absorption of the active ingredients into the deeper layers. After exfoliation, the product is neutralized.

3. A product that massages hyperpigmentation and whitens dark spots is massaged into the face and neck areas. The product is applied again to the darkest places.

4. The face is washed only after 8 hours. 

After the procedures are visible?

Four treatment sessions once a month are recommended. To enhance and maintain the result, we recommend using the Nunii Cosmetic Support Kit at home.

Duration of the procedure

About 30 minutes.