For most people, perspiration is not a big issue. They just use simple anti-perspiring product and it is the end of a story. However, for others, perspiration can be much bigger headache. If simple means does not help you to eliminate the issue, then you need something with more power over the problem. And this is where we can come in handy.

Solution to the problem – botulin injections for perspiration treatment

Botulin blocks signals, which are being sent to glands. Instruction is not delivered, glands ‘does not know‘ that it is time to sweat. We can successfully apply procedure for feet, armpits, palms and other problematic areas.

Benefits of the procedure:

  • It is highly effective procedure – perspiration reduces by 87 % in average.
  • Long-lasting effect. Normally, injection is effective for 6 upcoming months.
  • Injection solves the reason of the problem, not just the symptom.

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20-60 €
Capillaries removal
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