Capillaries are thin blood vessels, which can be frequently seen on the surface of the skin. Capillaries are small and fragile, that is why they can be easily broken. Even one broken vessel can turn into clearly seen red spot. If more capillaries are broken in one area, rosacea will appear. Broken capillaries also show up due to the frequent exposure to the sun, temperature differences, genes and bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Our solution – modern „HarmonyXL“ laser treatment

Goal of this procedure is to remove unwanted broken capillaries, their formations and redness form any part of the body. Benefits are:

  • Quick procedure. It takes up to 30 minutes, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule.
  • Effective procedure. All unwanted capillaries and redness are removed.
  • Reliable and safe procedure. Only reliable and approved equipment is used to perform treatment.
  • Simple procedure. No special preparations are needed, no post-treatment downtime is applied. You can get back into your daily routine right after the procedure.

On first appointment, we will evaluate your situation and will apply individual treatment program. During the treatment, we use “HarmonyXL” laser. Laser rays are warming defected areas and splitting blood formations into smaller particles, which are later removed naturally from your system. Laser beam is pointed only to problem areas, so no effect is done for other parts of your skin. After the procedure, we will advise how to further take care of yourself.

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20-60 €
Capillaries removal
Nuo 40 € Nuo 28 €
Nuo 30 € Nuo 21 €
Nuo 40 €