A biopsy is an interventional test method in which a portion of a derivative tissue or cells is taken and sent for histological examination to make an accurate diagnosis. A skin biopsy may involve the removal of 2 to 8 mm of tissue from a mole, wart, or other structure. 

Benefits of the procedure

  • A biopsy test helps diagnose oncological, inflammatory, and other diseases. 
  • The results of biopsy tests confirm or disprove the doctor's diagnosis.
  • Timely examination and accurate diagnosis increase the effectiveness of treatment. 

Who is eligible for this procedure? 

A skin biopsy is performed when changes occur in the skin, and it is necessary to find the cause of the changes. The test is prescribed by the doctor himself. 

Who is not eligible for this procedure? 

This procedure is not recommended for people taking anticoagulants. You must inform your doctor about any medications you are taking before the test. 


1. Consultation with a doctor.

2. If necessary, local anesthesia is performed.

3. During the biopsy examination, a small piece of the derivative is taken using special tools. The sample taken is sent to the laboratory and analyzed.

4. If a wound has formed at the test site, apply a bandage or suture. Avoid wetting the wound area for 24 hours and follow other doctor's recommendations.