Our Ąžuolynas Medical Clinic doctor recommends piercings when a person understands what they are doing and what they want. At our clinic, ears, navel, eyebrows, nose, or lips can be pierced. In these areas, earrings can only be pierced from the age of 16 and with parental permission. Ear piercing can be done at the age of 2. 

Post-procedural period

Pierced ears heal in about 6–8 weeks. First, special earrings made of medical metal are pierced. It is better not to remove them for a couple of months so that the hole does not close. Of course, proper healing care is important. The most commonly used are alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or special disinfectant sprays, lotions that remove dirt, microorganisms. Probably the most trouble can be caused by a navel piercing – it can heal for years, and the tongue will heal most quickly. 

And yet, if you decide to wear piercings, you should first consult an experienced specialist, who knows the job, so that there are no complications after the procedure. For example, hitting the solar plexus near the navel can disrupt the functioning of the liver, nerves, and blood vessels. Therefore, we suggest choosing only a professional doctor with medical knowledge so as not to damage blood vessels and other organs, nerves. It is also important that the room where this procedure is performed is clean and tidy, whether sterile tools, gloves, etc. are used. 


Ears – 30–40 Euros.

Navel, lip, eyebrow, tongue – 40 Euros.

Intimate zone – 90–140 Euros.

Earrings – 5–10 Euros.