Diamond Microdermabrasion is a regenerating procedure, which helps to revive your skin and solves these skin problems:

Enlarged face pores

Oily, problematic, acne prone skin

Emerging age mimic wrinkles

Skin pigmentation, aging pigmentation marks

Marks, scars and uneven skin surface due to acne
•    Photo-aging – exposure in sun, resulting in skin roughness and other negative symptoms
•    Keratosis – rough, tough, horny and dull skin
•    Pale and lifeless skin

This procedure will help to reduce all (as above) mentioned symptoms and will improve regeneration. It will reactivate your natural ability to produce collagen.

The procedure is performed by using a special laser with polished diamond tip. This type of treatment is fast. It will not leave your face looking sharp red like after typical cleansing facial treatment.  Therefore, it will not affect your daytime or evening plans.

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