Dry and sensitive skin requires subtle care. It is not enough just to buy any kind of face cream. It might happen that after choosing wrong product, sensitivity of your sin ill increase even more! In case you are experiencing difficulties to look after your skin, come to us! Try our treatment for sensitive skin and you will see these immediate results after the procedure:

  •  Skin will be less irritable and sensitive
  • Skin will become more firm and elastic
  • Everyday care will become simpler

At the beginning of treatment, we prepare your face. We remove make up and exfoliate all other impurities. Then we apply moisturizing and hydrating facemask. At last, face cream is applied and you are good to go.

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Cosmetic procedures for face skin

,,Hydro peeling“ šveitimas su deimantine mikrodermabrazija ir giluminiu ultragarsu
80 € 59 €
„Chronos (Time)“ - terapija veidui
55 €
„Opsis (Look)“ - neinvazyvus akių srities jauninimas
55 €
„Thavma (Miracle)“ - neinvazyvus mimikos raukšlių šalinimas
55 €
Apocalypsis Revelation - fitopilingo ir ląstelių atjauninimo procedūra
55 €