Dissatisfaction with the breasts leads more than one woman to consider plastic breast surgery. Breast augmentation helps not only to form a beautiful and natural-looking breast but also to restore self-confidence and love body anew. Breasts can be enlarged with implants or fat.

In our clinic, you can choose implants from the following companies: Sebbin, Motiva, Mentor, Polytech. You can also choose round (breast-lifting), anatomical (water-like), or ergonomic (body-adjusting implants) implants.

All implants we offer are of extremely high quality, safe, and designed using the most innovative technologies. The wide selection allows each woman to find what is most suitable for her body and breast type. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will tell you in detail about the advantages of each company's implants, which will help you choose the size and shape so that you are as satisfied as possible with the results of the operation.

Inga Guogienė, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Doctor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, consults, performs plastic surgeries or other aesthetic procedures. 

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Breast Surgery

1200–2500 €
1200–2500 €
2500–3500 €