Body wraps rejuvenate skin and embellish body curves. We are offering variety of body wraps. You choose whatever is best for you.

Seaweed body wrap

Seaweed body wrap helps to remove toxins from your body. It also helps to activate skin regeneration. We apply seaweed cream and wrap you for 30 minutes. After that, your skin will be more tight, fresh and bright. Lastly, we will apply skin cream, which will help to strengthen effect of the seaweed procedure.

Cranberries body wrap

This one is best for tired, dropped and flabby skin. Cranberries consist organic acid, which helps to destroy microbes, to remove toxins and to relieve inflammations. Cranberries also consist variety of vitamins and minerals, which rejuvenate and heal skin. Body wrap will increase collagen production and blood circulation. Procedure is 30 minutes long.

Slimming body wrap

Slimming body wrap helps to dissolve body fat and to reduce cellulitis. Wrap creates thermal effect, which leads to body fat reduction and removal of harmful materials, like toxins. Procedure is 30 minutes long.

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