Infrared sauna (infrasauna) is a heat therapy procedure. It is good for circulatory system and general health. Procedure relaxes and tones up muscles.

Is it different from ordinary sauna?

In infrared sauna, body is being warmed directly. In ordinary sauna, at first heating elements heat air and then air heats your body – process is not direct. In infrasauna, temperature reaches 40–50 °C, in ordinary sauna – 80–100 °C. Infrasauna achieves the same heating result in much lower and more comfortable temperature. After ordinary sauna, you want to sleep. Infrasauna is opposite – it energizes.

Benefits of infrared sauna:

  • Heating removes toxins and body fat form your body.
  • It strengthens immune system and enhances circulatory system.
  • Infrasauna gives you energy, so it is fine to have it even in the morning.

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