Pressotherapy (lymph drainage massage) is a procedure dedicated for someone, who suffers from blood vessels varicose. It is also a suitable procedure if you are standing and walking a lot during your work hours. In general, pressotherapy can help you with these problems:

  • Cellulitis
  • Swelling hands and feet
  • Unbalanced circulatory system

We are using special equipment, which creates vibration and as a result, lymph circulation is activated in the required parts of the body. Most commonly, feet and belly zones are targeted by a procedure. Procedure helps to get rid of excessive lymph in particular body parts and distribute it to the whole system. You can see positive changes after very first procedure. When we will finalize the whole course, you will feel these positive changes:

  • You will feel fresh; your health condition in general will increase
  • You will get rid of cellulitis and some body weight will decrease
  • Lymph circulation will come to balance
  • You skin will be tight and smooth
  • Swelling feet will no longer bother you
  • Performance of the circulatory system will get better 

Duration of the procedure 

60 minutes. 

If you will decide to go for it, we will set up an individual course of procedures. Normally it takes 10 procedures to get the desired result. Contact us and let’s talk about your treatment!