There are many ways to handle your beauty, health and freshness. Very frequently, pedicure is dedicated for not only practical reasons, but also more to provide relaxation to your whole body and to relieve stress. Next, more about different types of pedicure.

1.   Standard pedicure

This is the most frequently applied feet maintenance procedure. At first, you soak your feet in warm water until your skin becomes swollen. After soaking, you scrub off dead skin and impurities. Then goes nails clipping, formation and removal of skin around nails. In case you have this procedure in SPA, you can additionally get relaxing feet massage with moisturizing cream.

2.   French pedicure

This is very popular pedicure procedure among women. The whole process is the same as in Standard pedicure until it comes to nail polishing. At first, nail is applied with transparent foundation polish. Tip of the nail is polished with white nail polish. It imitates natural shape and structure of nail.

3.   Gel pedicure

This type of pedicure is dedicated for someone who wants to enjoy nice pedicure and polish for a longer time. The whole process is the same as in Standard pedicure until it comes to nail polishing. Nail polish is applied and then affected with UV rays. You need to repeat this process few times. Most probably, three time, if to be precise. This polish can hold on your nails up to four weeks.

4.   Paraffin bath procedure

In case skin of your feet is dry and cracky, paraffin bath is just what you need. During the procedure, your feet are soaked into warm paraffin. Paraffin moisturizes, softens your feet and helps to open skin pores. Procedure is perfect for one, who wish to have soft and younger looking feet.

5.   Pedicure with hot stones

This type of pedicure includes standard pedicure procedure and other feet nourishing procedures. After Standard manicure there goes feet scrubbing and feet mask. After that, your feet are wrapped into warm towel and they are kept like this for several minutes. Then goes relaxing feet massage with warm stones and aromatic oils. It helps to relieve pain in your legs and feet.

6.   Fish pedicure

It is an unusual way to treat your feet. During this manicure, your feet are soaked into aquarium with little fishes. These fishes swarm your feet and scrub all impurities and dead skin from them. Do not worry, these fishes are not so big that would do any harm for you or would inflict any pain. It is nice to try this procedure because it is really unusual.

7.   Mini pedicure

Mini pedicure is a simplified version of Standard pedicure. During mini pedicure, you get your feet cleaned, nails clipped and formed. This pedicure is dedicated for practical people, who want to save time and money and just want to have their feet taken care of.

8.   SPA pedicure

SPA pedicure is an improved version of standard pedicure. During SPA pedicure, you will enjoy these pleasant sensations: feet soaking and scrubbing, classic pedicure and feet massage with nourishing and aromatherapy oils.

9.   Ice cream pedicure

This is quite rare an unusual type of pedicure. During this sweet procedure, artist uses ice cream. At first, your feet are soaked in warm water together with ice cream. After soaking, feet are scrubbed also with ice cream. You can choose flavour and aroma you like best. Essence of this procedure is a therapeutic effect of cold.

10.  Margarita pedicure

One version of margarita pedicure would be to perform standard pedicure while having plenty of margaritas. But more conventional way of performing margarita pedicure is to soak feet in warm water with lime and sea salt. Citrus will soften your skin; especially it helps to soften usually hard skin on heels.

11.  Waterless pedicure

During this pedicure, instead of water you use disinfectant spray. Sprayed feet are wrapped in warm towel and are left like this for some time. Wrapped feet soak in the spray. Even with low amount of liquid, they become swollen. After this, everything goes as in a Standard pedicure. This kind of pedicure is usual in places where water (or better say, lack of it) is an issue. It means that it is not so usual in Europe.

12.  Salt pedicure

During this pedicure, you use sea salt and small marbles. It helps to scrub off impurities and dead skin. You need to soak your feet at least for fifteen minutes in warm water with some salt. After that, scrub them with salt and little marbles.

13.   Chocolate pedicure

Chocolate works like an antioxidant and helps to moisturize your feet. At first, your feet are soaked into warm chocolate. The aroma coming from chocolate will relax you. After soaking and washing off the chocolate, you need to scrub your feet with scrubbers, which also have chocolate in their composition. Then goes feet massage with aromatic oil and nail polishing, at last.

14. Pedicure for one doing sports

This pedicure is dedicated for one, who is doing active sports, whose feet are tired from constant trainings. During the procedure, feet are soaked into warm water and moisturised with skin cream. Greatest part is a pleasant and relaxing feet massage, which helps to regain vitality to your tired feet.

15.   Rose pedicure

At the beginning of the procedure, you cover your feet with rose petals and then soak them into warm water. When feet get soaked well, they are scrubbed with the same rose petals. After this point, everything is like in a Standard pedicure – nails clipping and formation, cream, polish, maybe massage.



Pedicure in Kaunas Ąžuolynas Medical Clinic and SPA


In Ąžuolynas Medical Clinic and SPA you can try out most of the pedicures listed above. In case you have some special wishes or interesting ideas, tell them to our pedicure artists and they will happily try to make them possible. We are waiting you!