Eventually, body starts to struggle to produce all required materials and cannot sufficiently provide for itself. Reduced qualities of the tissues mean that body cannot soak up required materials and soon start so suffer from lack of oxygen and food. Colour of the skin changes, it becomes more dry and less elastic. Biorevitalization is a procedure, which will rejuvenate your skin and will provide it with materials, which skin is in shortage of.

What is biorevitalization?

During biorevitalization procedure, middle layer of the skin is injected with pure hyaluronic acid. Normally, body produces hyaluronic acid by itself, so the procedure just eliminates the shortage of it. When the balance is restored, tissues get the materials they need and regeneration starts.

Benefits of the procedure:

  • Restored moisture balance
  • Pigment spots will brighten
  • Skin will become tight and elastic
  • It has preventive effect on appearance of fine wrinkles
  • Long-lasting result for upcoming 6 months
  • Delicate and naturally looking result

We use products from company "Teosyal", which is based in Switzerland. All materials are clinically approved, so there are no doubts about quality of the procedure.

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