Strech marks usually appear after rapid growth, pregnancy and traumas. We can help you to get rid of your stretch marks by using CO2 laser procedure. Laser is making thousands of micro wounds, which will tighten the tissue when healing. Benefits of this procedure include:

  • Area becomes smooth and tight
  • Skin regeneration activates
  • Procedure is painless
  • Procedure is fast and effective.

Usually it takes up to 1 hour to conduct one session. Number of sessions is assigned individually and depends on your situation.

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Beauty time for mother

C-section scar removal with Harmony laser (1 sq. cm.)
30 €
Strech marks removal (1 sq. cm.)
30 €
Regeneration and tightening of vaginal tissues with laser
220 €
Vaginal dryness treatment "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
220 €
Stress urinary inconsistence treatment "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
220 €
Labium whitening "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
320 €
Labium correction "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
540 - 740 €
Bath, body scrub and chocolate massage
70 €