Reduced elasticity and tightness of vaginal tissues is frequent problem among mature women and among women, who recently gave birth to a child. Lack of tightness causes two problems: urinary incontinence and reduced quality of sex life. Most women do not seek for professional help and the problem tends to grow. It is a mistake, because now there is an easy way to deal with it.

Solution – innovative laser treatment

We are offering you a ‘Femilift’ treatment with modern laser from ‘Alma’ company. Benefits of the procedure:

  • Quick procedure. One session takes up to 30 minutes. Most commonly, 1-2 sessions are enough to get rid of the problem completely.
  • Simple procedure. No special preparations and hospitalization are needed. There is no post-treatment downtime period.
  • Painless procedure. It is non-invasive and non-surgical procedure.

Just contact us and you will see that solution to your problem is right here in front of you!


Beauty time for mother

C-section scar removal with Harmony laser (1 sq. cm.)
30 €
Strech marks removal (1 sq. cm.)
30 €
Regeneration and tightening of vaginal tissues "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
220 €
Vaginal dryness treatment "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
220 €
Stress urinary inconsistence treatment "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
220 €
Labium whitening "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
320 €
Labium correction "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
540 - 740 €
Bath, body scrub and chocolate massage
70 €