Our body is changing as the years go by. Changes in intimate areas are not an exception. One of them is labium pigmentation changes. Labium gets darker and loses it former colour.

Solution – labium whitening with laser "Femilfit" procedure with Alma laser

Solution we are offering is labium whitening with laser. It is an aesthetic procedure, which helps to activate regenerative qualities of skin cells. It improves blood circulation, metabolism and as a result, recovers natural colour.

It is quick and painless procedure, which does not have any side effects.

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Beauty time for mother

C-section scar removal with Harmony laser (1 sq. cm.)
30 €
Strech marks removal (1 sq. cm.)
30 €
Regeneration and tightening of vaginal tissues with laser
220 €
Vaginal dryness treatment "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
220 €
Labium whitening "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
320 €
Labium correction "Femilift" procedure with Alma laser
800–1500 €
Bath, body scrub and chocolate massage
70 €