Sclerotherapy is one of the most popular treatments for removing small blood vessels in the legs or other areas of the body. Blood vessels and capillaries staining the legs after a while can lead to serious health problems. 

The procedure is performed by Paulius Mocevičius, MD, vascular surgeon. 

Benefits of the procedure

  • Sclerotherapy is a safe and long-used method of removing the venous and blood vessels. 
  • The right method for recurrent venous varicose improves the aesthetic appearance of the legs.

Who is eligible for this procedure?

The procedure is performed on individuals whose leg veins are enlarged. Sclerotherapy is most effective when venous varicose is still at an early stage.

Who is not eligible for this procedure?

This procedure is for extremely advanced venous varicose. 


1. Consultation with a vascular surgeon is required before the procedure, as well as ultrasound, blood test, or other procedures prescribed by the doctor.

2. Sclerosing drugs are injected into a damaged vein and compressed with a piece of cotton wool. Medications cause inflammation of the vein walls. In this way, the blood vessels clog and destroy the non-functioning vein.

3. After sclerotherapy, slight pain, tingling, redness, and bruising at the injection area may occur.

4. Compression therapy (elastic bandages or compression stockings) is required for two weeks.

How many procedures are needed? 

The result can be seen after the first procedure. It may take up to eight procedures.