One of the most common skin problems is acne or acne vulgaris. It is not only teenagers who have the problem of acne, but adults as well. Acne also afflicts those who have reached a more mature age, especially if it has not been treated during adolescence, thinking that it will go away on its own. Treating acne is not very simple - it is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that requires careful treatment. Laser acne treatment is an innovative and highly effective way to overcome acne. 

SOLRAY is one of the most advanced lasers used to treat acne. The laser emits 640 nm rays that work best on inflamed areas of acne without damaging the surrounding tissues. At the site of inflammation, laser disturbs the blood circulation and reduces sebaceous glands. That is why the skin heals, becomes smoother and beautiful. 

However, remember that your doctor will choose the best acne treatment. In our clinic, about acne and other skin problems consults Doctor of Medical Sciences and dermatovenerologist Gintare Linkevičiūtė. 

Benefits of the procedure 

  • Reduces acne, skin inflammation, redness, improve skin condition and texture, makes skin healthier and smoother.
  • A laser is a very effective way to treat acne, especially in combination with other treatments. Therefore, results are achieved much faster than with monotherapy. 
  • Improves aesthetic and self-confidence. 
  • The procedure is suitable for men and women of all ages with acne. The doctor will decide whether the procedure is right for you. 

Who is not eligible for this procedure?

  • If you are taking “Roaccutane” medications. 
  • If you have herpes (herpes virus).
  • If there is a wound or infection in the treatment area. 

Course of the procedure

1. The use of sunlight, solariums, photosensitizers (increasing sensitivity to light) should be avoided for 4 weeks before and after the procedure. Cosmetics should not be used after the procedure.
2. Before the procedure, the skin is cleansed and prepared for laser treatment.
3. During the procedure, the doctor directs the laser beams directly at the inflammatory area of acne. Laser acne treatment is not very painful due to the cooling system of the laser.
4. After the procedure, scabs may appear, in rare cases - scars, skin cracks. Redness or swelling may appear, which disappears after about two days.

How many treatments are needed? 

The number of treatments depends on the form and severity of the acne, but usually, 4–8 sessions are needed. 

Duration of the procedure 

About 15–30 minutes.