Cellulite might be hard competitor to deal with. Very often, the means, which you are using, do not bring any result. That is why we are offering you to try out anti-cellulite (lipolytic) massage.

This massage is useful procedure, which treats cellulitis, forms body shapes and reduces body volume. It will help to increase tone of your muscles and will help to dissolve your body fat. Altogether, it will make your skin smoother and tighter. Procedure is extremely useful for women, who recently gave birth to a baby – it will help you to get rid of stretch marks and reduce excessive skin. Benefits of the procedure are:

  • Reduced cellulitis, body fat and body volume
  • Distressed muscles and better health in general
  • Increased metabolism

After evaluation of your situation, we will assign you an individual course of massages. We recommend conducting at least 10 procedures in order to get desired result.

Contact us and let’s agree about your appointment!