ĄŽUOLYNAS Medical Day SPA is located in Kaunas, green and picturesque location in the center - near  Ąžuolyno park in the "Oak fitness and wellness center" at Sports st.3, Kaunas.

Spa exclusivity - we are a medical spa, where medical knowledge is intertwined with the  professional beuty services. Our team employees consist of an experienced team of professionals-doctors:


Doc. Dermatologist Gryta Kurklietė - consults and provides skin treatments and beauty treatments;

Doc. Endocrinologist Ieva Gailytė - advice on the blood tests and appoints for further treatment;

Doc. Manualist Saulius Vaidelis - performs a manual body therapy;

Plastic Surgeon Renaldas Vaičiūnas - consults and provides beauty services;

Gabija Tokerienė - specialist of aesthetic face and body injection procedures; 

Anastasija Ramunė Zuromskaitė -  performs therapeutic body massages and spa rituals;

Renaldas Vaičiūnas - plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist. Has extensive experience and performs complex microsurgical operations, facial plastic surgery in congenital orofacial clefts. Doctor R.Vaičiūnas is Head of Vilnius University Hospital Zalgiris  Clinic  Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Director of Baltic-American Clinic for medical issues since 1998. He has been member of the Baltic maxillofacial plastic surgery association, has been President of Lithuanian Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association for five years, is the member of Europe laser Aesthetic Surgery Association. Doctor R.Vaičiūnas has interned at many surgery centers recognized in Europe, including Zalzburge, Paris, Helsinki, Moscow and others. He has shared work experience accumulated during the long years of  work with colleagues in Lithuania.

  • In 1976 Graduated from S.Nėries secondary school;
  • In 1982 He graduated from Kaunas Medical Institute Faculty of healing;
  • 1983 were intern at Vilnius University Red Cross Hospital;
  • From 1983 to 1985 worked as abdominal surgery and intensive care - physician anesthesiology section ordinatoro i n the Red Cross Hospital;
  • 1987-1998 worked as doctor ordinator in the Republican microsurgery center;
  • 1997-2003 worked as Plastic Surgery specialist in Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic;
  •  2001-2004 worked as Plastic Surgery Consultant at Kaunas private clinic "General medical practice";

Professional development:

  • 1988 Microsurgery training courses in Moscow UNION Surgery Research Institute;
  • 1991 intership at Boucicaut l Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryHospita, Paris, France;
  • 1991 attended at practical surgery seminar in Brussels, Belgium;
  • 1992 internship at Toole Hospital Plastic Surgery Department, Helsinki, Finland;
  • 1993 worked with the U.S. Boston Medical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery mission team;
  • 1998 attended at Ortognatic Surgery Conference and practical courses, Riga, Latvia;
  • 1998  internship at Saint John's Hospital, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery deparment in Salzburg, Austria;
  • 1998 m attended at laser Aesthetic Surgery Conference and practical training courses, Cambrils, Spain;
  • 1999 attended botox aesthetic treatment procedures and practical conference, Paris, France;
  • 2002 internship at Rothenburg Catholic Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons department, Rothenburg, Germany;
  • 2004 attended at professional development courses at Facial plastic surgery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Social activities:

  • Since 1996 is a member of Baltic Face - Maxillofacial Surgery Association;
  •  Since 1998 is a member of laser-Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society;
  •  1999-2004 President of Lithuania Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society.











The doctor-neurologist manualist Saulius Vaidelis:

- 1985 graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine, Faculty of healing.
- Had been working  at  Kaunas Oncology Hospital for 5 years. Since 1990 began to specialize in neurology and gained a doctor qualification as neurologist. He worked in Kaunas 2nd Clinical Hospital at the nerve department and worked as chief dorctor at "Pinery" sanatorium;
- Since 1993 to 2000 worked as neurologist doctor for the Ministry of Defence Military hospital in Kaunas;
- Since 2000 to 2008 worked in the United States at the stroke prevention service.
- Advanced training and professional development: neurology, manual therapy, bioenergetics, rehabilitation and sports medicine.
- Neurologist consults, applies manual therapy, osteopathy, performs diagnostics.
Manual therapy is recommended when you suffer from:

- Pain in the joints, spine, intervertebral hernia;

- Radical pains;

- Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction after surgery and trauma;

- Intercostal neuralgia;

- Headache, dizziness;

- Neurosis;

- Insomnia;

- Functional hypertension, hypotension.


Gryta Kurklietė - works as a dermavenereologists in Kaunas Clinical Hospital Doctor, is a member of  Lithuania Dermavenerology Society (LDVD) and the European Academy of Dermatology and venereology (EADV) Academy. She developed professionally at international venereologists qualification courses in Greece, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, participated in the Baltic countries and venereologists EADV congress in Sweden, the Czech Republic.

Since 2010 improved in the dermatology field, participated in chemical skin peeling, mesotherapy, biorevitalisation and hyaluronic acid fillers training courses developed by renowned lecturers. Fields of interest: oncological dermatology, dermatological surgery, dermatoscopy, aesthetic dermatology, laser dermatology.


Aleksas Mickonas -  Doctor of Medicine (aesthetic surgery, oral surgery, ENT specialist):

in 1992 graduated from Kaunas Medical Academy, Faculty of therapeutic

  • 1992 - 1995 m. acquired specialization of head and  neck surgery  (guided by dr. Česlovas Švenčionis), completed residency in otorhinolaryngology ;
  • Until 1997 plastic and reconstructive head - neck operations  field, ear and eyelid plastic surgery, laringoctomy, resection of the larynx, thyroid and salivary gland surgery, oncological practice.
  • Since 1997 worked as oncologist - surgeon at Vilnius University Institute of Oncology in Head and Neck Surgery Department. Gained experience by working with first computer videodermascope in  Lithuania designed for early diagnosis of skin tumors.
  • In 1998 Bristol Mayor Skwib, winner of the Oncology Association scholarship  congress in Athens (Greece).
  • 2000 - 2003 period -  licentiate in Moscow, thesis on viral origin of tumor diagnosis and treatment.
  • In 2000 - 2002 internship at the Russian Centre of Oncology, Head and Neck Surgery Department, headed by prof. E. Matiakin;
  • In 2002 - scientific and practical internship at Haukeland University Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Clinic (Bergen, Norway), led by prominent experts in this field in Scandinavia - prof. Jan Olofson;
  • In 2004 - Started his private practice. From 2004 to 2009 worked at the heart surgery center "Kardiolita".
  • Since 2004 participated in various training courses for doctors, presented reports at the international conferences in Austria, Russia, the Czech Republic, the USA, Israel, Serbia and others.
  • In 2006 was selected as lecturer to represent Lithuania's head and neck surgery at  international doctors' courses in Vilnius organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), represent Lithuania in Vilnius head and neck surgery - successful representation of this important event.
  • 2009  -  new strategy  for the treatment of melanoma was presented by skin  melanoma scientist at the Congress in Boston,which got the world's famous oncosurgeon approval. Presentations were made in the filed of fundamental tumor surgical treatments: World Melanoma Congress in Vienna (2007), Anti-Cancer Congress in Paris (2008), Jerusalem (2010), the largest American Academy of Anti-Aging " in the Middle East Anti-Aging Congress in Dubai (Arab Emirates) dedicated to beauty, health promotion and prevention of cancer.

Dr. A.Mickonas is applying  anti-aging concept - knowledge and methods system in practice at "Biorevital" clinic, where  the complex subject of preventive, integrative medicine and aesthetic principles are used.

Practical experience has shown that each aesthetic problem lies in the inside of the body, and vice versa - any malfunction in any organ has its outer expression in the skin, human behavior or habits. Only in addressing these complex issues, it is possible to achieve maximum aesthetic results, avoid chronical, oncological threats and diseases, to save time, money and nerves.


Anastasija Ramunė Zuromskaitė -  masseuse - physical therapist from Druskininkai, academic sports rowing professional, 1991- 1996 aerobics and fitness coach, in 1995 personal trainer. Since year 2000 works as physical therapist  in Vilnius, got "Žirmūnų" training center certificates (in training spa area) in 2010, classical holistic body massage certificate in 2010, men massage features "Master Class" certificate in2011, as well as classic massage certificate and traditional Thai massage second level sertificate in 2012.


Gitana - permanent, micropigmental makeup artist with 6 years of experience working with the highest quality pigments and machine. Gained Nouveau Contour USA, "Mei-cha" in Germany and "PUREBEAU" LINERGIST  title, which shows her work of  as high qualified. She was awarded with  the world-recognized Purebeau Academy of qualifiedpermanent makeup master's name and a diploma which entitles to train new early-stage artists. They will get international level long term contouring makeup specialist diploma at the end of courses led by our specialist,which gives the opportunity to work all over the world.


Odeta Vaičiulytė - physical therapists, gained Bachelor specialization and diploma in physical therapy (at Lithuanian Sports University). Currently continues master studies at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in a "Health Rehabilitation through Physical Exercise - HARPE" study program which was prepared in 2009-2011 year, supported by the European Commission's Erasmus program, and will be carried out in four European universities: Buckinghamshire New University (United Kingdom), Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania, Kaunas), the National Sports Academy (Bulgaria), and Transylvania University of Brasov (Romania).


Sigita Zlatkuvienė - cosmetologist, lecturer of cosmetology at Kaunas University of applied sciences, author of  "SPA procedures in beuty theraphy" publication, participant of professional training in France, Italy and Spain; promoter of classical cosmetology, Ayurvedic and holistic approach to human not only at cosmetic services.


Ingrida Augustinienė  - beautician, masseuse, spa therapist, which has medical education and 15 years of work experience. Education: in 1996 gained cosmetic qualifications at "Femina Bona" institute . In 2000 she graduated from Kaunas Higher Medical School, where she acquired medical health visitor speciality. In 2005  graduated from Kaunas Medical College, gained a beautician specialty. 2007 acquired a spa therapist qualification. Certificates and Diplomas:  from 2001  is a member of Lithuanian National Beauticians and Cosmetologicst Federation , acquired various training seminars and conferences certificates.

Spa body and facial massage diploma,  face chiro massage Level 1 Certificate, face chiro massage Level 2 Certificate, Kobido Japanese facial massage 1, 2 level certificate, "Anatomy not in pictures" seminar certificate, "blefarolift" (Helena Zemskov authorial) facial massage certificate, "Nefertiti's face" (authorial Helen Zemskov)  facial massage certificate, aromatherapy  level 1,2 certificates, work with acid peelings "Neoglis" certificate,  Ayurvedic hot stone massage certificate, diploma of  Erikson Laboratories, BioMarin, Sotys "," Academia "," Germaine de Capuccino "Spain," Biodroga, Styx, MAYSTAR seminars and other make-up seminars.


Natalija Karečkė- manicurists. Since 2009 studied at "NAGAVITA training center, successfully completed their studies, acquire Lithuanian Ministry of Education qualification certificate and diploma. Continuously improve knowledge in the various seminars, interested in new manicure techniques. "I try to make every customer feel special and give them all my attention during the procedure, making them temporarily forget about troubles and just relax. I always seek excellent results of performance, that's why returning customers - my best recommendation." 

The only way to do your work  perfectly - you need to love it ... Steve Jobs.


Vita Mozūraitienė- Physical Therapist, Japanese facial massage Kobido specialist.

In 2006, Kaunas University of Medicine study area gained physiotherapy rehabilitation bachelor's degree.
In 2008, Kaunas University of Medicine acquired the rehabilitation of the area of ​​study physical therapy master's degree.
Since 2006, working in a health center in a physical therapist.
Since 2008 the school has a healthy spine physical therapist.
Training courses:
2004 "free hanging exercise concepts (called Sling Exercise Therapy - SET)
Covering the period 2006-2008 "Applied kinesiology Seminar Series"
The year 2007 Pathological kinesiology (Lecturer Prof. A. Neuman, USA Marquette University)
The year 2007 lower limb joint mobilization techniques. Correction opportunities with THERA-BAND "
The year 2007 elastic resistance system and a functional concept of physical therapy exercises "
2007 "The actual reflex Problems
Year 2011 "Theoretical and practical courses on essential oils"
2012 "Japanese Kobido facial massage courses" (Lecturer Vipal Cohen, USA)
2012 "Pain Theory and Practice"
2012 "Scoliosis: Examination and Treatment"
2012 "Pain reason search"


Sporto g. 3, Kaunas, TEL. 8 37 301 008, MOB. 8 640 45 761